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Empowering the Body Through Nature

Our Build +Energy is a unique formulation that assists the body in the natural development of lean muscle mass, leading to superior performance and advanced recovery through a combination of Peer-Reviewed Patented Phytonutrients,Plant-fermented Amino Acids, Energizing Enzymes, 0lantI based 6itamins and Microbiome Support

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Creapures® Creatine Monohydrate

Creapures® is the brand name for pure creatine monohydrate exclusively produced by AlzChemTrosberg GMbHin Germany. Creapureis the most widely studied form of creatine and is proven to be safe and effective. The production of Creapures is IFS FOOD certified, a quality standard recognized by the WGlobal Food Safe Initiative.

Creatine & Energy

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Phosphocreatine aids in the formation of adenosine triphosphate cATPd, the key molecule your cells use for energy.
Creatine, produced naturally in the body after the consumption of meat, plays a crucial role in energy metabolism.
When energy is needed, ATP cadenosine triphosphate ƒ energy currency of the celld is converted to ADP cadenosine diphosphated. Eventually, the body turns ADP back into ATP using energy derived from food, but this takes time, and muscle cells can store only enough ATP to allow a few seconds of high-intensity work.
Creatine supplementation helps to ensure high levels of phosphocreatine when body stores are low.

Everyone Needs Creatine Everyday

Adults have around 80 –130 grams of creatine in their bodies. Every day about 1-2l of this creatine is broken down and excreted, so it has to be replenished.
The human body naturally produces some creatine. Intake of significant amounts of creatine from food is possible by eating meat products. However, cooking and food preparation can result in creatine loss in food.
Given your daily requirement of creatine, consumption of meat and synthesis of creatine by your own body may only provide maintenance levels of creatine.
Supplemental creatine may be necessary to maximize creatine levels, especially in Athletes.
According to the International Society of Sports Nutrition cISSNd, larger athletes who train intensely Wmay need to consume between 5 and 10 g of creatine a dayX to maintain their stores.

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Plant-Derived Amino Acids

ZENEKA researches each and every ingredient for safety, bioavailability and efficacy. All of our ingredients must be backed by numerous peer-reviewed studies and pass our ‘mother nature approvedV test.

Our carefully chosen amino acids are a perfect example of our dedication to quality and transparency. Many manufacturers derive their amino acids from the chemical extraction of hair, fur and duck feathers, or by utilizing harsh chemicals.

In stark contrast, the essential amino acids utilized in the Build ~ Energy come from the natural enzymatic fermentation of plants, providing a cleaner, plant-based and sustainable alternative. At ZENEKA, we donVt settle for anything less than the best and neither should you

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BUild+Energ provides 3 grams of a unique plant-based amino acid blend –MP9 from Ajinomoto, in every serving.

Studies have shown that 3 grams of MP9 stimulates muscle protein synthesis equivalent to that of 20 grams of Whey Protein.

Kobayashi, et al. The Japanese Society for Amino Acids Sciences. 2013 ˂ 0.05; significant difference vs Before intake

Muscle Protein Synthesis Equivalent to 20 grams of Whey Protein

Muscle Muscle Protein Synthesis Speed

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Magnesium Glycyl Glutamine (MGG)™

AlbionVs MGG chelate binds magnesium to both glycine and glutamine, enhancing molecule stability and nutritional functionality. Glutamine is the most abundant free amino acid in the body and helps support optimal recovery when the body undergoes physical stresses and challenges.

Magnesium glycyl-glutamine chelate provides magnesium and glutamine in a single and stable molecule. Studies show that this compound has high bioavailability and is able to promote muscle anabolism in levels comparable to the anabolic steroid testosterone, with the advantage of not producing side effects.

Ashmead, H.D.W.. c2009d. The role of magnesium glycyl-glutamine chelate in muscle regeneration. RevistaBrasileirade Medicina. 66. 81-86

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Nitrosigines Inositol Stabilized Bonded Arginine Silicate

Nitrosigines is a patented complex of bonded arginine silicate with FDA New Dietary Ingredient notification status. It is scientifically engineered to provide the benefits of both arginine and silicon.
-11 Patents and Applications over Multiple Jurisdictions
-19 Studies showing Both Efficacy and Safety
-48 CARSE Substantiated Claims Competent and Reliable Scientific Evidence

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Nitrosigines® Key Research FindingsP

- Nitrosigines® has been clinically shown to significantly boost nitric oxide levels, a key factor in increasing blood flow to maximize muscle repair and growth.

- Nitrosigines® has been engineered to take effect in just 30 minutes with benefits lasting up to @ hours after a single dose.

- Nitrosigines® pre-clinical data demonstrates superiority over Arginine HCl in blood flowmarkers, with added benefits of silicon absorptionN Blood flow was 4x greater than Control and blood vessel relaxation was almost Bx greater than Arginine HCL

- With continued use of .Nitrosigines® nitric oxide levels build over time.

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Plant- Fermented Enzymes

Plant-fermented enzymes specifically chosen to:

- Reduce Lactic Acid Build-Up

- Increase Blood Flow

- Inhibit Inflammation

- Support Muscle 0rotein 3ynthesis

- Boost Endurance

- Aid Recovery

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Plant-Derived Vitamins

Each serving of Build+Energy provides the vitamins lost in an hour of intense exercise, and only from non-GMO and organic fruits and vegetables.

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