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The Benefits of SODERA THRIVA

Revolutionary Supplements for Prostate Health

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50 % of men over 50 years old

Experience Benigh Prostatic Hyperplasia , Prostatitis or Prostate Cancer

Most of men are resigned to the idea that prostate decline is an inevitable part of ageing.

It doesn't have to be that way....


Science backed immune support supplement for prostate health

But often ignored.

If you have a man in your life over the age of 50 you should know :

Men over the age of 50 need a safe and effective daily supplement to slow, or reverse, poor prostate health.

And if you have a young man in your life, keep this in mind :

Men as young as 25 need a way to keep their healthy prostates healthy so they never develop symptoms or disease.

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What is ThrivaTM

ThrivaTM is a plant-based, science-backed, biopharma-ceutical grade nutritional supplement for men.

It was conceived through 20 years of paradigm shifting scientific research with world leading healthcare institutions including BC Cancer Agency, Johns Hopkins University, University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Harvard University and more.


Our team originally set out to develop a paradigm shifting whole systems biology approach to intercept prostate and other cancers. (As opposed to the single target approach that has become commonplace within the last century.

Scientific discovery led us to envision two pipelines: FDA approved cancer drugs and a Nutraceutical Supplement to support men through earlier stages of life: maintaining optimal health, intercepting illness and preventing the onset of disease.

Hence, ThrivaTM was born.


We take a whole systems biology approach to prostate health. We look at structures such as the cell, stroma or microenvironment (connective tissue between cells), metabolic and immune systems to understand key biomarkers and their functions in maintaining health.

We understand that inflammation and oxidation enlarge the prostate over time. When the prostate grows, it causes problems- and pain. Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant activity is protective. Supporting the immune system is key.

At its heart, our mechanism of action empowers the immune system to do what it was designed for: to modulate a man's biological systems to homeostasis, or normal.

Innovative formulation

Thriva™ is an innovative formulation of extracted ingredients from plants that has been formulated to target biomarkers for prostate health.

Thriva™ is produced in full compliance with the US Food and Drug Administration Guidance for Nutritional Supplements.

Thriva™ benefits from its sister formulation, which has been evaluated, exhibiting safety and efficacy, in clinical trials for FDA oncology drug approval.

Thriva™ is orally delivered in an easy to swallow soft gel capsule and safe to use on a daily basis

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What if?

What if you, or the men in your life, could take a safe, effective, plant- based, science-backed, daily supplement to support normal prostate health?

To stay healthy.

Would you? Would they? We know the answer. We would too.

Nice to meet you.

Sincerely, Thriva™

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