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New Beginning with US.

The most powerful and primary natural antioxidant enzymes

The front line of defense against reactive oxygen species (ROS)-Free radical1 Protecting your body from:

  • Oxidation
  • Aging
  • Cell diseases
  • Other negative effects caused by free radicals.

A new Era in Free radical Defense: Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)


Superoxide Dismutase(SOD) is a naturally occurring enzyme found in all plant and animal life to fight aging and free radicals. As we age, we produce less and less SOD, which leads to all kinds of physical and pathological problems such as cancer2,3,4,5, inflammatory diseases6,7,8, cystic fibrosis9, ischemia10, aging11, rheumatoid arthritis12,13, neurodegenerative diseases14, and diabetes15

Scientists have been performing clinical studies on SOD’s effectiveness for years, but this delicate enzyme is ineffective if it’s not absorbed by your cells. That’s where our technology comes in.


Our SOD was developed by scientists for last 10 years. None of our products get near a store shelf until they have been thoroughly tested. Our active ingredient, SOD, has been the subject of multiple rigorous studies at the highest standard of clinical research. We are proud of our effective products, and are excited to share our findings with you. Our Micro Cell Technology breaks through to deliver SOD directly to cells with a high absorption rate. Our fast acting, organic plant based powder is designed to maximize enzymatic activity and replenish your body’s SOD reserves with a high pH tolerance that doesn’t break down after you take it. Our patented technology helps your body naturally fight the effects of age and immune system.

ADVANCED INNOVATIVE BIOTECHNOLOGY; We use Micro Cell Technology TO to deliver SOD directly to cells to fight cellular deterioration and inflammation. make SOD effect for safeguarding against free radical SUPERCHARGED NUTRITION; Make sure eating right pay off. SOD naturally binds to nutritional compounds to deliver vitamins and minerals directly to your cells with higher absorption rate.

ANTIOXIDANT ARMOR Help your body fight free radicals by replenishing your natural SOD supply. SOD slows the aging process and neutralize cellular oxidation, freezing up your immune system to work on healing and regeneration. Our patented technology makes possible to develop complete form of SOD type 1, 2 and 3. This can lead to our SOD reaching all different layer of body.

1. Improve immunity, help reducing virus infection OR cancer risk;
2. Anti-aging, remove free radicals
3. Anti-hangover, Alcohol detoxification; help reduce alcohol hangover severity
4. Help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol
5. Improve digestive system and anti-inflammatory
6. Delay neurodegeneration
7. Support hormonal balance
8. Improve metabolism
9. Revive, moisturize and brighten dull skin;
10. Delay cell degeneration and help to treat chronic allergies
11. Protect eyes, prevent eye diseases
12. Help to reduce joint pain and inflammation

GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN, ALL-NATURAL, ORGANIC PLANT BASED MADE IN THE USA Boost Your Antioxidant and Immune system - In Less Than 1 Minute Per Day Highly concentrated and convenient

Mix 1 packet with 8-10 ounces of water or drink of your choice once or twice daily.
Take 1 serving to boost your energy and 2-3 servings to improve your well-being. Keep a packet in your purse or desk at work.

Keep your immune system strong and stay young with the BEST antioxidant boosting remedy.


Shelly A

Every time I take SOD, my clarity and energy have definitely gone up. It definitely helps stabilizing my glucose level. Amazing product!

Michelle, VICTOPS Customer

Wow, I felt no hangover after a night of drinking . I'll definitely be using this to start my next day fresh.


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