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1.1 BioBio-Cellulose Capsule Mask -cellulose capsule mask

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Our Bio Cellulose masks are all natural fiber produced in a highly-controlled laboratory environment from good bacteria by fermentation of natural Coconut juice. Bio Cellulose is a super thin natural fiber - 1000 times thinner than the average human hair.
Bio Cellulose fibers are four times stronger than plant-based cellulose and are able to attract and retain fluid in great capacity. And Bio Cellulose fibers can be grown to have longer lengths than plant cellulose fibers, which permits them to be woven into tight, 3-dimensional fabrics.
After the Bio Cellulose fibers are woven into a fabric and cut into a sheet mask, the mask is preloaded with nourishing ingredients for healthy, glowing skin. All without the adverse effects of chemical processes at any point in their production.

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1.1 Benefit of SODERA Bio Cellulose Mask Pad

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Effectively protect healthy cells from damage caused by free radicals. Antioxidant and Antiaging enzymes help to revive, moisturize and brighten dull skin


Attract water (each fiber can retain up to 100 times its dry weight in water). This makes our mask fabrics pliable and able to adhere to your skin very tightly, like an occlusive dressin


When you touch a bio cellulose mask fabric it is extremely moist, and when you apply one it will quickly deliver a refreshing, cool sensation to your skin. It feels great and really enables you to relax.

Instant Effects

It adheres so well and when a mask adheres better, it performs better — transferring skin care ingredients efficiently so that results are visible after just one application. The most advanced sheet mask technology to deliver brightening nutrients into the dermis instantly locking moisture into your face

Ecofriendly Development

It is 100% compostable and toxin free.

1.2 Bio-cellulose Pure capsule mas

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